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(Established in 1973)


Who are we?


The Council is predominantly made up of volunteers from the local sport community who work to encourage the promotion and development of sport on behalf of their local population.


The difficulties faced by our community that is primarily socially and economically deprived are well documented.  The impact on the community is felt by all, but the problems for disaffected young people are often exacerbated.  Research tells us that activity in the cultural and sporting sectors can improve outcomes for the individuals and communities.


Sport is often seen as a diversion, but, if used successfully it is a powerful way of changing the hearts, minds and lives of the young and old alike and affecting the communitities they live in.  


Sports can have a major impact on attitudes and behaviour, for the better.


Sports can circumvent many social divisions through a single value "success ideology" which permeates and dominates at all social levels.  Involvement in sport and physical activity can contribute to the development of:-




We aim to bring together sports representatives within the District to work jointly for the benefit of sport in general.

Working in partnership with the Local Authorities and sports providers, we aim to bring together a collective view of local sport dealing with all aspects of, facility provision, trends and demands, areas of concern and priority, publicity, increasing participation and lobbying on behalf of sport.

We aim to provide an opportunity for all sports clubs and organisations to affiliate to the local Sports Council. Thus making the Council a co-ordinated voice of sport and recreation within the St Helens District, establishing a forum in which all matters related to physical recreation can be discussed.


The main objectives of the Sports Council are


1. To encourage co-operation and co-ordination between local sports groups for a common aim.


2. To assist in the formation of local sports clubs.


3. To encourage school pupils and school leavers to participate in sport.


4. To promote or support competitions and other sports initiatives for all, regardless of sex, race, ability or disability.


5. To promote sports coaching courses for young people.


6. To promote coach education courses.


7. To promote and encourage sporting links with neighbouring Sports Councils.


We will achieve our aims by


Acting as a "Single voice" for the representation of opinion to the local authorities

Lobbying in respect of local sporting issues

Discussion forums with open meetings

Publicity through local media and regular Council Newsletters

Grant aid scheme for qualifying individuals and clubs

Sports Personality of the Year Awards


How We Will Do It


By supporting locally based sports development projects and initiatives and setting up joint sports development initiatives.

By providing advice and guidance on how to access funds, such as the Lottery awards, and sponsorship.

By recognising the importance of quality coaching in the development of sport and promoting Coach Education at all levels, and where possible offering support and guidance to current providers.


We represent over 60 voluntary sports clubs/organisations within the borough.


St Helens District Sports Council is a voluntary organisation funded from external grant aid and  affiliation subscriptions and is supported by St Helens Council.  Being a member of the DSC has many advantages pertaining to club development, some of which include:


Free advise and support to sports clubs re: club development.

Provision of small grants and loans to members and grant application advice.

Promotion of the organisation of sports events, competitions and activities.

Disseminate information relating to sport.

Advise the local authority on the collective needs of sport within the borough.

Support club, coach, volunteer and administrator development by providing free and subsidised training and education courses, organised through sports development.

These are just some of the benfits and it is our role to ensure that affiliated members of the DSC reap all the benefits of membership.



 St Helens District Sports Council is Insured for Public Liability


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